My Pontiac Firefly / Chevrolet Metro / Geo Metro / Suzuki Swift welcomes fuel efficiency nerds everywhere

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Latest fuel economy stats
for my '98 Firefly 1.0L 5-speed
  best: 2.3 125.1 104.2
 worst: 6.4  44.1  36.8
prev.3: 3.3  82.3  68.6
   all: 3.8  73.4  61.1
L/100km | mpg IMP | mpg US
Jul 28/07: more, graph, calc.
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Latest 10 posts:
1. 60+ vehicle modifications for better MPG
2. Metro mania: forget stocks, put your money in old Geos!
3. 100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips for better gas mileage
4. Experiment: how long should a block heater be plugged in?
5. Everything old is new again: Car and Driver magazine modifies an econobox to improve MPG
6. Project Convertible XFi: alfresco efficiency
7. The floor is yours: MetroMPG opens a fuel efficiency forum
8. Fleet update
9. Q: How do you get 116 mpg (US) in a Metro XFi? A: Pulse and glide.
10. International heart transplant: the Blackfly gets an XFi cam
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Links: (added Mar. 14/06)

Discuss amongst yourselves

Good MPG forums: I spend a lot of time at and have also been known to lurk around

> Lots more Metro links...
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MetroMPG has opened a fuel economy forum
Read about the project here, or go straight to
EcoModder fuel economy forum

Links ...
fuel pump handle

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Suzukiclone info

  • Getting to know Geo Metro - Introduction and specs (primarily about 3rd generation car 1990-94) (Oct 11/05)

  • 1990-94 Geo Metro - Consumer Guide: Review, Road Test, Reliability, Prices, Specs & Safety, Photos (Oct 11/05)

  • 1995-2001 Geo/Chevrolet Metro - Consumer Guide: Review, Road Test, Reliability, Prices, Specs & Safety, Photos (Oct 11/05)

  • Canadian Driver used car review: 1995 - 2000 Metro - Well, it's not fast and it's not sexy [...] But the Chevrolet Metro from 1995-2000 is a remarkably well made little commuter. Better still, a used Metro isn't very expensive. (Oct 17/05)

  • Geo Metro at Wikipedia - Fairly comprehensive Metro review, Wikipedia style. (Nov 8/05)

  • Hard Drive: Geo Metro First Look - Review of the "new" 1995 cars. Interesting background info about demographics of buyers and GM's market research. (Nov 8/05)

  • Mark's Metro - Another Suzukiclone owner documents his ongoing Metro experience. From search, to purchase, to repairs, to fuel economy, Mark keeps us in the loop. (Nov 24/05)

  • CAMI automotive - link to page showing their historical product line, including the Suzukiclones. (Dec 6/05)

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Suzukiclone forums

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Driving efficiently

  • Economy driving online video: The Next Time You Get Gas - Free online video shows economy driving methods and culminates with a comparison of "normal" vs. efficient driving. Efficiency gains of 27% and 23.5%, respectively, are achieved using the techniques described. (Oct 16/05)

  • Car Talk's guide to better fuel economy - Click and Clack weigh in with many of the same tips from the metroMPG video (above link). (Oct 16/05)

  • Hybrid Cars - Driving strategy for better gas mileage - And you thought I was fanatical about mileage... Some of the techniques are strictly hybrid specific, but most apply to all cars. Smart folks. Good signal:noise ratio in these forums. (Nov 8/05)

  • ScanGauge - Digital diagnostic tool that plugs into the ODBII port of any post-1996 car. Also functions as a trip computer to show instant/average fuel consumption for fine-tuning driving technique and testing efficiency mods. (Nov 8/05)

  • Driving tips for the EV1 - Ever wonder if the max-range driving techniques for a pure electric vehicle differ from an ICE vehicle? Wonder no more. (Nov 8/05)

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Fuel economy sites

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News & Blogs

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On the Fringe

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Electric Metros - (can't beat their MPG!)

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Other efficient cars & concepts

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EcoModder fuel economy forum Note: MetroMPG has opened a fuel economy forum
Read about the project here, or go straight to

darin AT metrompg D-O-T com, or here