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Latest fuel economy stats
for my '98 Firefly 1.0L 5-speed
  best: 2.3 125.1 104.2
 worst: 6.4  44.1  36.8
prev.3: 3.3  82.3  68.6
   all: 3.8  73.4  61.1
L/100km | mpg IMP | mpg US
Jul 28/07: more, graph, calc.
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Best non-hybrid MPG: Mitsubishi Mirage
Highest MPG for a new car: Mitsubishi Mirage?
Mitsubishi's 1.2L, 3-cylinder Mirage is the first new non-hybrid car that can match an old Metro's mileage. The company says 44 mpg (US) highway, 37 city. (Some drivers are already beating that in various economy driving contests.) How? An efficient engine, very light weight and aerodynamic design.

Cheapest to own? 2015 Nissan Micra Forum
2015 Nissan Micra Forum
The Micra's fuel economy isn't its most notable feature -- the $10,000 price is. That makes it one of the cheapest cars to own. And its 109hp, 1.6L engine and good power-to-weight ratio means it's fun to drive too.

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Good MPG forums: I spend a lot of time at and have also been known to lurk around

Chevrolet Aveo forum - discussion of the Chevrolet Aveo and its siblings (Pontiac Wave, Pontiac G3, Suzuki Swift+, Daewoo Kalos).

> Lots more Metro links...
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MetroMPG has opened a fuel economy forum
Read about the project here, or go straight to
ScanGauge fuel economy computer Save fuel with a ScanGauge II fuel economy computer.
I personally recommend this tool. I've owned both versions (I and II) and can't say enough good things about it. If you're serious about saving fuel, get one.

For more information and to order, visit EcoModder.

Honda hybrid math quiz

Posted Monday, September 19/05 in Driving efficiently

fun nerd quiz

Ever wonder how much of a difference specific car mods (or driving techniques) make to fuel efficiency?

So did the engineers at Honda.

For you economy numbers nerds (you know who you are), there's a particularly illuminating paragraph in an overview of the 2005 Accord Hybrid that attributes specific fuel saving values to each of the component technologies that make up Honda's hybrid approach.

These technologies are collectively responsible for an improvement of 8 mpg (EPA figures) in city driving (29 mpg compared to 21 for the non-hybrid V6 Accord) and 7 mpg on the highway (37 mpg vs. 30).

Care to guess which gadget/refinement...

(A) electric motor assist
(B) cylinder deactivation (3 cyl. mode)
(C) automatic engine shut off (idle-stop)
(D) improved aerodynamics

...goes with which increase in fuel economy?

(1) 38% of the total highway mpg improvement (i.e. 2.65 mpg of the 7 mpg increase)
(2) 05% of the highway mpg improvement (0.35 of 7 mpg)
(3) 57% of the highway mpg improvement (4.0 of 7 mpg)

(4) 60% of the city improvement (4.8 of 8 mpg)
(5) 15% of the city improvement (1.2 of 8 mpg)
(6) 25% of the city improvement (2.0 of 8 mpg)

Answers on the next page (plus "why are you telling me this -- I drive a Geo Metro!")

EcoModder fuel economy forum Note: MetroMPG has opened a fuel economy forum
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